Rahul Jha

About Me

I am a student currently pursuing B.Tech - Electronics Engineering from Zakir Husain College of Engineering and Technology. I started developing in python a couple of years ago. Also, I have been selected for the Google Summer of code 2017 with coala.

I am an open source enthusiast and like to advocate the principle of freedom to customise the software according to one's needs. Apart from this, I like web development (django and flask). Over time, I have developed an interest in testing because tests implicitly reflect how usable the code is - Is the interface easy to use, or have I cluttered up too much code - it improves the quality of code greatly by removing this mess and redundancy.

One thing, I would personally recommend to everyone is to learn using git (or VCS synonymously). It has such a huge feature set, that I wonder has anyone, other than Linus Torvalds, managed to harness its complete functionality. It gives you complete hold over your code and using it with a cloud service like github, gitlab makes collaboration as easy as it gets. The course on udacity - How to use git and Github, The Git Tutorial, the official git tutorial- They are good resources for starting to learn basics of git. I also write blog posts for the same. Other than these, the documentation of git and github is pretty nice.

When I am not programming, I am generally studying, creative writing, or hanging out with my friends. I like solving mathematical problems. I like writing something everyday- I am good at remembering things, and most importantly it taught me how to be cool with criticism and why should I be happy when I get negative comments!